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RD Custom Waveski’s are personally designed by 9x world champion Rees Duncan and personalized for the individual. All boards are designed & based off Rees’s current board shape. Rees Duncan will personally design your new RD waveski to suit your surfing requirements. He will take into consideration your ability, your goals and the type of surf your prefer to surf. RD Waveski’s are made from the most up to date materials available which include Double bias cloth for strength and Carbon cloth for strength and lightness.

How to Eskimo Roll


Surf Lessons:
I am very passionate about Waveski surfing and helping others achieve their personal goals. Whether it’s from learning to roll, basic technique or advanced maneuvers I can help you realise your goals by taking your surfing to the next level.


Competition Training

Competition surfing:
Competition surfing is completely different to free surfing. When I was younger I was classified by many as the best “free surfer” in the world and found it hard to win competitions. Being very competitive by nature , I employed the services of Steve Forman, a well known Australian surf coach. Steve educated me on how to become a better competition surfer.

I am very passionate about helping others achieve their personal goals and offer one on one or group Competitive surf coaching lessons.

Fitness Programs:
I am proud to be born into a family of professional athletes. My great grandfather was a professional rugby league player, my grandfather also a professional rugby league player who represented Australia, while my father, uncles and auties all made names for themselves in their chosen sports.

This back ground ensured that I was always going to be sports minded. I learnt from a young age that talent only gets you so far and to be the best, you have to give yourself an edge. I found my edge by surrounding myself with the right people and specific fitness training techniques.

My eldest son Rees Duncan Jnr (qualified personal trainer) and myself have constructed a training program to suit waveski surfing focusing on the core and upper body strength and flexibility. Together we can design a personalized training program to take your fitness and surfing to the next level.


Competition surfing:
Waveski Surfing Australia (WSA) provides a healthy competition scene in Australia. There is general 4-6 competitions throughout the year with the national titles finishing off the competition scene each year.

Waveski Surfing Australia also provide training session aimed at the surfer who wishes to improve their individual surfing, competition skills or learn to eskimo roll.

Waveski Surfing Australia aim is to encourage, educate and ensure that all waves surfers enjoy their time in the water

I am very passionate about helping others achieve their personal goals and offer one on one or group Competitive surf coaching lessons. Please follow this link to our governing body. 

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